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  • Upcoming conference: 2023 GSU-Review of Financial Studies FinTech Conference;

  • Upcoming seminar: CBER Symposium: Auditing DeFi Applications;

  • Presented at the 2023 EFA Annual Meeting;

  • International Business and Decentralized Finance, with Campbell R. Harvey, uploaded to SSRN;

  • Financial and Informational Integration Through Oracle Networks, with Lin William Cong, and Eswar Prasad uploaded to SSRN;

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I am a financial economist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a Ph.D. in business from Tel Aviv University. I joined the NUS Business School in 2023 as the S. Dhanabalan Chair in Quantitative Studies and as an Assistant Professor in Accounting and Finance. My research lies at the intersection of financial economics, innovation, and intermediation. My scholarly contributions have been presented at several conferences worldwide, covered by popular financial media outlets like Bloomberg, Washington Post, and Financial Times, and published in leading journals, including Management Science, Journal of Accounting Research, and Journal of Accounting & Economics. Before joining NUS Business School, I visited the Finance group at Cornell University through the Fintech Initiative and DEFT Labs. I also advise fintech ventures in the blockchain space.


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